APSIS appoints new CEO as company continues to evolve

Kirjoittanut APSIS


After a successful start of 2013 and the establishment of a new management team, APSIS – the leading supplier of technology for intelligent email marketing in the Nordic countries – has appointed Kim Mortensen as new CEO, replacing founder Anders Frankel.

Kim has until now worked as COO at APSIS and has been active in the email marketing business since 2007, mainly in leading positions on the Danish side of Öresund.

– It is a great feeling too see a company evolve like this. I have worked intensely with Norvestor, preparing APSIS for this next step by establishing a truly energetic management team. It is now possible for APSIS to evolve beyond the entrepreneurial stage. With the management team in place, working at full speed, it feels logical to step down as CEO. I will still be a part of the company and I will remain a member of the board of directors, focusing on marketing, product design and specific projects, says departing CEO and founder Anders Frankel.

– During my years in the email marketing business, I have seen APSIS grow stronger and stronger, and I have always been very impressed. When I began working at APSIS myself, I could take part of the knowledge and meet the talented people who made it all possible. I certainly look forward to being a part of the team that will lead APSIS to the next level, says new CEO Kim Mortensen.

Kim will assume his new role immediately and will work from APSIS’ head office in Malmö.

For more information, please contact CEO Kim Mortensen at +45 31 68 35 94.

Anders-Frankel-Grundare-Apsis.jpgAnders Frankel, Founder APSIS

Kim-Mortensen-CEO-Apsis-press.jpgKim Mortensen, CEO APSIS



APSIS was founded in Malmö 2001. Today, the company delivers technology to over 6,000 customers in over 50 countries. In total, the company has 165 employees in offices in Malmö, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki, Warsaw, Istanbul, Hong Kong and Shanghai. In 2013, the company anticipates a turnover of 200 MSEK. The largest shareholder is Norvestor, owning approximately 73 % of the shares. The remaining shares are owned by the management team and by employees at the company.